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    so i screwed my phone all up but managed to downgrade to 1.0.2 and was going virginize it, only prob was i had no wifi, so i figured i would install bsd with ibrickr, went to free my phone and ended up in the worst endless boot loop, i couldnt do anything, not go to recovery mode and reinstall firmware because this was the mode the problem was looping in.
    i seen other people had this problem with no solution so here it is, good luck

    anyone else with the endless loop with ibrickr, download ziphone (google it) and it has a option (click advanced options or whateva) to run in DFU Mode, now i warn you it needs to get the command off before the endless loop command happens, so its gonna take a long time trying to get it to dfu mode (took me over an hour) and it will be extremely aggravating, but it will get you to a screen that will let reinstall the firmware ( i warn you this took forever but its worth the aggravation )

    sorry to the mods i have no idea where to put this but i know people need it
    2008-03-21 11:34 PM