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    hi there

    i updated my iphone 3g which was unlocked while updating i got error message 1015 or so
    checked after that online what to do did a hard reset holding home button for 10 secs or so after that i went on itunes know i could only click on restore
    after clicking on restore error message 3194 popped up... great went to apple store after that to check if they could help they could not
    what they told me was that my phone was jailbraked jailbroken whatever you want to call it i didn't know that

    so current situation is i updated my jailbraked/jailbroken iphone 3g i don't remember what software (or whatever you call it) was on it

    question is can it be fixed or do i have an expensive paperweight now?

    ps hope this thread is in a good place my english is not too good so please excuse my mistakes thx
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    2012-01-14 02:41 AM
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    If you updated your iPhone normally via iTunes it would have installed iOS 4.2.1 on your iPhone.
    Your baseband would have been upgraded if the restore if your update was finished, but its not.

    Did you ever run TinyUmbrella on your Computer?

    There is a problem for every solution. Keep trying!
    2012-02-19 12:28 AM