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    Hi Guys

    If you have an iPhone 3GS with an iPad baseband 06.15.00 and you restored over iTunes to stock firmware iOS 5.0.1your baseband got damaged and you have no possibility to activate your iPhone or you installed ultrasn0w and you dont get any Carrier working!
    This is the fix guys!!
    (If anyone posted that topic before, plz pardon me).
    Plz take the time to read carefully several times!!

    You need an iOS 4.1 restore.ipsw, the firmware for 3GS
    You need an iOS 5.0.1 restore.ipsw
    You need redsn0w 0.9.5b5
    You need sn0wbreeze 2.9.1 for creating a cfw
    Latest iTunes Version
    iReb r5 from ih8sn0w's website
    It's highly recommended to shut of User-Control, (the darn thing that pops up evry time you start a system relevant program), your Firewall and any Antivirus or Internet-Security-Program off or to the lowest security level there is!!
    Plz copy all downloaded files to ONE directory! i recommend "Desktop"!!
    All files must be unpacked!!
    There should be NO SIM-Card in the Device!!

    1. Put you Device in DFU mode like shown in any tut on youtube
    2. Open iTunes, if it didnt pop up by itself and hold SHIFT+ click on Restore on Win or ALT+ click on Restore on Mac for installing the firmware 4.1.
    3. After Restore is done, you have to start redsn0w 0.9.5b5 as administrator (Win 7 and Vista) and compatible to Win XP SP3
    4. resn0w wants you to select the firmware 4.1 you previously downloaded.
    5. If you have newere bootrom, say "Yes" in next window.
    6. redsn0w identifies the firmware-> Next
    7. redsn0w works
    8. Next step you get many options but you DESELECT everything but: "Install iPad Baseband"
    9. If youre sure to do this, warnings are all over the place, do it and install it.

    Ok, now your iPhone is on iOS 4.1 and you cant use 5.0.1?

    Plz create a CFW iOS 5.0.1 via sn0wbreeze 5.0.1 WITHOUT iPad BB in Expert Mode and i recommend you don't set a checkmark on "Activate the iPhone" for hacktvation cause you can't get Push and other features without Activation via iTunes and a valid SIM card!

    Installing iOS 5.0.1 as long as it is still signed:
    1. Clean your hosts from any entry with "....gs.apple.com" if you ever worked with TinyUmbrella by copying "hosts" from "C-Windows-Sysrem32-drivers-etc" to your desktop, rename it "hoststiny" and make a backup of it by creating a folder named "hoststiny" and copy the file into that folder.
    Then you rename "hoststiny" on desktop to "hosts" and open it with windows editor or notepad++ and delete any entries with "...gs.apple.com" and the remaining rows and save it without choosing .txt as appendix.
    Rename it hosts
    Save it and delete the "hosts" in "etc". Copy the "hosts" from desktop to "etc".

    Restart your Computer!!!!

    2. Now connect your iPhone, shut it off (lol) and put in DFU mode
    3. Run iReb r5 as Admin (right-click)
    4. Start iTunes and say Ok for Restore and hold "SHIFT" + click "Restore".
    5. Install iOS 5.0.1 named "sn0wbreeze..iPhone...3GS...5.0.1....restore.i psw" LOCATED on your DESKTOP. (!!!DON'T INSTALL THE STOCK FIRMWARE iPhone 2,1....5.0.1...restore.ipsw!!!)

    6. If your restore finished successfully, plz activate your iPhone via SIM and activate your Wi-Fi connection, start Cydia and accept any complete update.
    7. Plz press on "Search" and install "ultrasn0w" and reboot your Device!

    Put in your SIM Card and enjoy
    Carrier and network on 5.0.1.


    I don't take any responsibility for anything concerning damages on your hardware or anything else!!
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    you say not to check "activate" in sn0wbreeze because you can't get push (etc) without activation via a suitable SIM. i'm not sure what you mean by a suitable SIM. i have an older 3GS that was on baseband 5.16 which was locked to AT&T in the U.S. I live in China now so I already changed the baseband to the iPad one of 6.15 so i can carrier unlock it and use it on China Mobile. I have a China mobile SIM but i don't have an AT&T SIM. should I check "activate" then since my SIM would not be considered suitable? i don't really care about Push for notifications, so it might be a moot point.
    2012-02-20 12:22 AM