1. iDeviceNerd's Avatar
    So this is what i did i have a iphone 3gs 5.0.1 firmware 5.16.05 and i was just supposed to jailbreak only but i accidently press cydia and ipad baseband on redsnow i wasnt supposed to unlock it because you cant. i know (what a dumbass) so the jailbreak finish and it show my wallpaper screen and it said activation require and so i slide to unlock and it said plug to itunes and i try and keeps rebooting itself every 2 minutes so then im hoping theres a way to downgrade the 6.15.00 on the 5.0.1 3gs (crossing my fingers) please any information my fellow experts out there.

    My second option is i have warranty on it so i can take it to apple. incase theres no choice
    2012-02-29 05:41 AM
  2. EVO's Avatar
    sorry but no way to downgrade, you are completely stuck...

    thats why there are WARNING LABELS, dont rush yourself (in anything), always go slow and read instructions..

    take it to apple and see if they can exchange it
    2012-04-04 04:53 AM