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  1. ishghosh's Avatar
    I got busy with life and kept putting off upgrading and jailbreaking so now that 6.1.3 is out it seems like I'm out of luck but I just need to double check.

    Currently there is no way for me to upgrade my iPhone 4S from 5.1.1 to anything 6.x (6.0-6.1.2) other than 6.1.3 without losing my jailbreak, correct? I know of a site where I can download firmwares 6.0 and 6.0.1 but that's of no use without SHSH blobs, right? I had Cydia saving my SHSH blobs but they're no longer listed and the article was way too confusing to read. I never saved them on my computer with TinyUmbrella or any other program of the sort.

    So am I stuck with 5.1.1 if I want to keep my jailbreak?

    I appreciate any helpful replies. Thanks!
    2013-04-14 09:46 PM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    Yes you are correct can't do nothing but go to 6.1.3. Your best bet is to stay at 5.1.1 and keep ya jail break.
    2013-04-14 10:08 PM