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    Okay so all this apple stuff is new to me..I am so use to windows mobile(so easy to install new o.s's) but with that rant out of the way. I have used ibrickr to install the third party apps(still using At&t sim,Still on At&t network) and have been really dissapointed with all of the freeze ups and slow system responses that I just want to go back to the virgin 1.02 and then upgrade to the 1.1.1. As easy as Ibrickr was to use..is there a way of undoing all of its changes and making it factory again. I understand that all of this is on the "Bleeding Edge" of technology and I should be thankful that all these people have put in hard work but i feel like I have Windows ME on this damn thing when it blanks up and freezes. All information would be greatly appreciated
    2007-10-12 08:48 PM
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    Yes. Simply dock the phone and choose "restore" from iTunes.
    2007-10-12 09:16 PM
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    Thanks I was for sure if ibrickr made any baseband mods or if restoring from itunes would completly change all of ibrickrs changes.

    Quick Question: Was just about to restore my phone back to original to remove Ibrickr so I can get 1.1.1 but when click restore it says everything will be erased and that it will update my phone with the newest software..Will this brick the phone though since I do have ibrickr running?
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    2007-10-12 11:35 PM