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  1. unlockme's Avatar
    i have a friend selling a powerbook g4 12" for 400 bucks is this a good deal? it will be my 1st mac and i was hoping to also use it for photoshopping as i'm gonna start doing some photography... i have a big monitor i could plug it in to. it seems like an alright deal but thought i'd ask here since ya'll know so much with regards to macs. please and thanks.
    2008-12-11 02:10 AM
  2. nellybly's Avatar
    It would help if you included information on processor speed, RAM, any included software, and operating system.
    2008-12-11 03:20 AM
  3. sziklassy's Avatar
    without knowing what the specs are it is hard to say.... probably an OK deal so long as it is in good shape but hardly a STEAL
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    2008-12-11 06:33 AM