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  1. mrt2's Avatar
    Ok I followed the instructions and put the phone in recovery mode and then browsed to the 1.14 firmware and chose ipwner... It did it's thing and ran and rebooted with the pineapple yad yada... The next step of the instructions say it's supposed to reboot back into recovery mode... but it didn't. It just rebooted and booted back up like normal. The pineapple logo was there when it booted but it booted back into the phone, NOT recovery mode. Is something wrong or should I continue with the guide?
    2008-04-06 01:11 AM
  2. Numberzz's Avatar
    Yeah that's fine. The iPwner button just changes the bootloader. You can keep it like that, or you can restore to the custom firmware if you want.
    2008-04-06 01:19 AM
  3. mrt2's Avatar
    Ok I just completed the process and now I can't get a signal... What should I do... should I restore it fromt iTunes again or do I need to start all over from step one?
    2008-04-06 03:35 AM
  4. wine_guy's Avatar
    Are you an ATT customer? And did you unlock or activate with pwnage?
    2008-04-06 05:29 AM