1. jk111's Avatar
    Just as an example:

    Say I was on 1.1.3 and used the pwnage tool to jailbreak. Is there any way to update the firmware to 1.1.4 using a custom built 1.1.4 in pwnage tool and not loose any applications installed with installer?

    If not, do you ever think the dev team will accomplish this?

    2008-04-16 03:41 AM
  2. elsgk2's Avatar
    Good question man.
    I'm going to try this as soon as the windows version is released.

    The usage guide does say you have to start with the 1.1.4 file, by the way.
    But essentially you are restoring your iPhone with a custom firmware, so I would imagine that you have to lose all your apps and settings anyways.

    But yes, I'd appreciate a solution to that.
    2008-04-16 06:06 AM
  3. bigmclaren's Avatar
    i upgraded and it made me lose my apps. its a bummer because it deleted all custom sms tones and everything.
    2008-04-16 07:51 AM
  4. jk111's Avatar
    I was assuming that you will still loose all your apps. Sad, it takes a while to re-download them all. Someone needs to come out with an app that knows how to re-download them all automatically.
    2008-04-16 01:39 PM