1. jcounsel's Avatar
    Since I am just reading up on this trying to understand the process, is it necessary to use the two bootloaders (3.9 and 4.6) once you unlock the ipsw file? Is this simply an "option" that allows other/some apps to run on the pwned iphone or is it required that you load the bootloaders?

    I ask because anyone who has upgraded to 1.1.4 has that ipsw file on their computer and can use THEIR software (yes, I guess I am paranoid...) that may be located under /Users/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates/). However, I have not looked to see if I have different bootloaders on my computer. I also am not sure how to verify the integrity of the bootloaders I download...

    Am I being too paranoid?
    2008-04-25 02:25 PM