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    heya folks, long time listener, first time caller...

    I've had a 1.1.3 iPhone (purchased march '08) JB and unlocked using ziphone for a long long time. I havent upgraded to 1.1.4 because from what i've heard, ziphone will downgrade the baseband, something i'd like to avoid.

    Then i hear that pwnage tool does the JB/activate/unlock process better than ziphone since it just modifies the iphone to accept unsigned ipsw's rather than use risky 'sploits like ziphone does.

    So the question is, i want to restore my iphone from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4 without having to downgrade the BB from 4.6 to 3.9. Can pwnage tool do the whole unlock/JB/activate process while keeping the BB intact? or am i missing something?

    (i guess as a followup, is pwnage tool a better product than ziphone?)

    thanx a bunch everyone!!!

    p.s. I will upgrade to 2.0 when a proper release issued by dev team btw
    2008-07-12 04:29 AM