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    With the new pwnage tool 2.0 released mac users can now jailbreak 2.0.
    So what about windows users??

    Now with the help of mac users[cosmoLV] custom firmware you can jailbreak and unlock your 1st gen iphone.

    This guide will jailbreak, activate, and unlock your 1st gen iphone with 1.x.x firmware .

    GUIDE: Only for 1st gen iphone. works for bootloader 3.9 and 4.6

    1.] You need to get winpwn and pwn your 1.1.4 iphone. Use this guide but stop at step 7 where it says congrads your phone is pwned.How to create your own firmware with WinPwn.(updated) » iPhone Hacks » iPhoneFreakz

    2.]Then download this firmwareiPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore__BL3.9_4.6__Fix ed.ipsw (download torrent) - TPB [thanks to cosmolv for uploading] Take note this is a torrent file and in order to download you need a bit torrent client. I suggest utorrent. Just google it.

    3.] After you have the firmware, open up itunes and put your phone into DFU mode. To do this hold both the power and home button. Release the power button after ten seconds. Then release the home button after another ten seconds. Follow this guide if you need more help iClarified - iPhone - How to Put an iPhone Into DFU Mode

    4.] After your phone is in DFU mode itunes should recognize that and pop up a message. Then hold the shift key and select restore. Then simply select the firmware you downloaded in step 2.

    5.] Theres no step 5 just make sure you have itunes 7.7 and it should take over from here and do the rest

    Enjoy the appstore and cydia!!


    If you get Error 1600 from iTunes try: mkdir “~/Library/iTunes/Device Support” ; [this means make that directory, in other words make those folders] if that directory already exists, remove any files in it.

    if you still get error 1600, You didnt put into DFU mode correctly. [In iTunes Plug phone in, keeping the phone on Press and hold power and home keys for 10 seconds. Release power key, keep holding home button until iTunes tells you it needs to be restored. Screen will remain black.]

    Another possible solution to the 1600 errors are people have reported to not go into dfu mode and just do a normal restore to the custom firmware.[phone must be pwned]

    If you get the 1400 error then try to redownload the firmware because i recently[sunday, july 20, 8:30pm est] made a new link to a fixed firmware

    I made this guide just to help people out and the real credit goes to the dev team for the hack, cosmoLV for the firmware, and everyone else that tried this.

    Questions, problems, and concerns just reply. I'm going to sleep

    edit: If your still having problems i suggest this guide made by cosmolv
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    2008-07-20 07:32 AM
  2. tntmorgan's Avatar
    Thanks. My only question is: on the 1.1.4 custom ipsw, should I make sure I'm already on 3.9 BL? Or can I be on 4.6BL? Thanks.
    2008-07-20 07:41 AM
  3. agentdax5's Avatar
    I had just thought about this as a way to pwn on windows. Thanks for clarifying it's exactly what I had in mind.
    2008-07-20 07:48 AM
  4. titeo's Avatar
    do we have to pwn our iphone? or can we just download the ipsw and restore it in itunes?

    edit: does this come with bootneuter?
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    1st Gen iPhone 2.0 - Jailbroken and Unlocked on T-Mobile
    2008-07-20 07:50 AM
  5. Panth383's Avatar
    tnt i'm not really sure i believe you need the 3.9bl. I would w8 for more confirmation. Also im pretty sure cosmo is going to upload another firmware with the 4.6bl so i would wait for that.
    2008-07-20 07:51 AM
  6. kane2007uk's Avatar
    I don't think it matters, when you run the default 1.1.4 and WinPwn it the app should set the phone to the right state to use the 2.0 custom firmware, I used the same way and I was on a ZiPhoned 1.1.4, and it works a treat
    2008-07-20 07:52 AM
  7. bts0uth's Avatar
    if your phone has to be pwned in order to do this then how will it work for us 3g users?
    2008-07-20 07:52 AM
  8. Panth383's Avatar
    bts your absolutely right i didnt even think of that. i apologize and will edit my post
    2008-07-20 08:01 AM
  9. Krazedkid1221's Avatar
    Can anyone uploadthe iPod firmware please
    2008-07-20 08:18 AM
  10. stereo313's Avatar
    i just did my 3g with my friends mac. but what you guys are saying is i can pwn a 3g with winpwn and just restore with cosmos firmware made by pwn 2.0?

    a couple people want there phone done i only got this mac for tonight
    2008-07-20 08:27 AM
  11. vomer's Avatar
    I found this guide via demonoid : Pwning iPhone Firmware 2.0 (Windows) | Haklabs

    It has slightly better instructions and the DFU method they have is easier too...
    2008-07-20 08:35 AM
  12. jayman5446's Avatar
    Thanks, but what if I have 2.0 but never pwned before? Do I use winpwn to go back to 1.1.4? I have tried this butit doesnt seem to work. Ant suggestions?
    2008-07-20 08:36 AM
  13. Panth383's Avatar
    You need have your phone pwned. You can't just restore, there's downgrade guides all over. Also this doesn't work for the iphone 3g because the current winpwn doesnt work with it
    2008-07-20 08:40 AM
  14. jayman5446's Avatar
    You need have your phone pwned. You can't just restore, there's downgrade guides all over. Also this doesn't work for the iphone 3g because the current winpwn doesnt work with it
    So I do need to downgrade. Cool Thanks
    2008-07-20 08:46 AM
  15. sdmojaydo619's Avatar
    Can anyone confirm whether you must have BL 3.9. Or i can i keep it on 4.6?
    Why can't people be more interrigent rike me? RICE!
    R.I.P - iPhone 2g, iPod classic 80GB

    2008-07-20 08:56 AM
  16. SiLeNtKiLLa's Avatar
    Worked for me... Also if you get error 1601... just unplug the iPhone while still in DFU mode, plug it back in, if screen turns WHITE, restore with custom firmware.... You are now good to go.
    - iPhone 8gig and 16gig 3G - 3.0 - JailBroken + Unlocked to T-Mobile Unlimited Plan & Total Internet Plan.
    - iPod Touch - UnJailBroken
    - XBOX 360 - Modded Firmware - XBL (my s/n)
    - XBOX - Software Modded - XBMC
    - Dell Inspiron 1521 - [B]Vista Ultimate and
    running Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.5.4 (YES! Mac OS on an Dell PC)
    2008-07-20 09:56 AM
  17. bballcat03's Avatar
    I tried all this and still couldn't get it to work...I kept getting error message 1600 at the end

    and the directions say:
    If you get Error 1600 from iTunes try: mkdir “~/Library/iTunes/Device Support” ; if that directory already exists, remove any files in it.

    and I have no idea how to do that ^^^

    Can anyone help?
    2008-07-20 10:49 AM
  18. loborojo912004's Avatar
    Worked gr8 for me ,no errors n' no probs, restoring from backup right now ,thkss dude!! ^^
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    2008-07-20 10:56 AM
  19. shaileshashar's Avatar
    4.6 bootloader !!!
    Worked for me as well
    i used this custom firmware:
    iThor\'s iPhone 2.0 Custom Firmware Vanilla (5A347) (download torrent) - TPB)
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    2008-07-20 11:06 AM
  20. bballcat03's Avatar
    is my IPHONE supposed to be turned on or turned off when I put it into DFU mode?

    Cause when its on and I try what it tells me (10 seconds then take away power button and so on) it never does a damn thing

    I'm now getting error 1602?????
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    2008-07-20 11:43 AM
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