1. scrutman's Avatar
    so I updated my iphone 1st gen to 2.0 and pwned it unlocked.

    I notice now that the volume of ipod doesn't seem as loud, tuned down a notch. Also the EQ settings are kinda weird as well. Before I used to be able to swicth from Rock EQ to R&B EQ and I would notice a difference. Now there is almost no difference if any.

    anybody notice this as well and if this is an issue, what can I do to fix?
    2008-07-20 08:18 PM
  2. dookie454's Avatar
    I PWned the 2.0 3G and upgrade to 2.0.1 and lost Jailbreak but I also have the NO EQ problem.. absolutely no difference when changing any of these settings..... Plus using good headphones it sounds basically crappy. My old IRiver Blows the sound quality away!!!! I wish they'd do something about this.

    I FIXED MY SOUND/EQ PROBLEMS BY COMPLETELY RESTORING TO NEW 2.0.1 Firmware... Sound is amazingly different.. night and day...


    3G 2.0 Jailbroked = MESSED UP MY EQ...
    Update to 2.0.1 sill did not fix it
    Complete Restore to 2.0.1 FIXED IT!! HUGE DIFFERENCE IN SOUND
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    2008-08-05 03:08 PM
  3. robjrussell's Avatar
    same here!!
    broken eq..

    does anyone have a fix outside of stock firmware?
    2008-08-15 03:46 AM
  4. alfonsogomez's Avatar
    Got same problem here. 2g Iphone on 2.1FW jailbroken & unlocked using pwnage. Had 1.1.4 but upgraded due to appstore. Immediately noticed that eq no longer works. Definitely something to do with process of creating new ipsw file. Sort it iphone devteam!
    2008-10-18 12:23 AM
  5. alfonsogomez's Avatar
    Found a fix!! What you need to do is remove equalizer settings from all songs in itunes then sync to the iphone. (best to remove all songs first) then you will need to restart iphone then voila! whilst playing ipod you will be able to change the eq as its meant to be. Basically the itunes eq settings cannot be changed from iphone settings menu therefore changing eq will have no effect. Give it a go!
    2008-10-26 11:59 AM