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  1. alexela112004's Avatar
    This morning, I thought that Pwning the iPhone using Windows was never coming up.... Until I read my favorite blog for updates (Engadget), where a method was described on how to pwn your 1st Gen iPhone using Windows. I tried this personally, and it works flawlessly!

    Here it is (the link)!

    How to Pwn 2.0 Using Windows!
    Last edited by alexela112004; 2008-07-22 at 03:35 AM. Reason: Removed as Method doesn't work with 3G iPhones
    2008-07-22 03:21 AM
  2. mrfurious214's Avatar
    What's the difference between pwning and jailbreaking?
    2008-07-22 03:28 AM
  3. alexela112004's Avatar
    Pwning the iPhone enables the use of Custom Firmware. The term jailbreaking is just having access to the iPhone file system.
    2008-07-22 03:34 AM
  4. mrfurious214's Avatar
    I currently have an 8GB, non-jailbroken, ver 2.0, non-3G phone. I want to be able to run 2.0 (app store) and also be able use an Installer like app to install free programs (Customize, Preferences, etc) on my phone. How can I do this? I currently run Windows Vista.
    2008-07-22 03:41 AM
  5. alexela112004's Avatar
    Click the link on my first post, and do the steps and your done!
    2008-07-22 04:15 AM
  6. mrfurious214's Avatar
    Those instructions seem to be for someone that has 1.1.4 installed on their phone...I have 2.0.

    Step 1: Use WinPWN 1.0 To PWN Your 1.1.4 iPhone.

    So what should I do?
    2008-07-22 04:51 AM