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  1. back2thebeatof84's Avatar
    Boy was I fired up. I just got my phone and was wanting to have EVERYTHING. hah. After a pwnage, turns out i HAD NO SERVICE.

    For all you that are on AT&T, make sure when in expert mode, Uncheck the box for activating the iPhone. That's a hackivation box, unnecessary for AT&T users. This has probably been brought about in other threads, but I had to do an hours worth of searching to find out what went wrong.

    You should be fine on AT&T after unchecking the box and running a normal Pwnage.

    I hope this clarifies things for others who almost killed themselves due to hacktivation.

    2008-07-22 10:38 PM
  2. omarjiwa's Avatar
    k so, sorry if i sound toootally like a beginner, but i bought a 2g iphone awhile ago it was unlocked with at&T AND I am using rogers on it. If i do this will i still be able to use my rogers simcard n use the rogers network if i uncheck the activate the iphone box? help would be appreciated thank you!
    2008-07-22 10:56 PM
  3. silborscht's Avatar
    I had the same issue. Try rerunning Pwnage now in simple mode. Be sure to hold down option when you restore. It worked for me.
    2008-07-23 03:02 AM

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