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    i want to make a thread that hopefully has all the Q&A's for all of us who have the 3G iphone.

    my main question is if i need to send in my phone to apple under warranty, is there a virginize for the new phone?
    2008-07-25 01:34 AM
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    Umm, just shift+restore to the original 3G firmware thats not custom, or just click restore, one of those should do it
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    2008-07-25 02:49 AM
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    what about this:

    i want to pwn my iphone, but my wife wants her's to remain the same. will itunes still work the same for a pwn'd phone and a stock phone?

    and when im using winpwn, i cant even select anything after "no wipe". none of the check boxes work and it wont let me click on the boxes to add the bootloaders...
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    2008-07-25 06:14 AM