1. ManiSingh's Avatar
    hello well basically i have used the custom firmware that was uploaded before by someone who created it via the mac when the mac version was released and no windows. Now there is a windows version i want to change the bootloader image etc, do I need to unlock the iPhone again? What options would i tick and not tick?

    Install Cydia - tick
    YouTube Activation Fix - unsure of?
    Activate phone - unsure of?
    No wipe - unsure of?
    Enable baseband - unsure of?
    Neuter - unsure of?
    Unlock - unsure of?

    REMEMBER - My iPhone is currently running 2.0FW, unlocked, jailbroken and activated. Also I have a legit contract with 02 so I am using the legit service for the iPhone.
    2008-07-27 11:02 PM