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    First I would like to thank the developers for releasing such an easy to use interface to unlock and jailbreak the first Gen iphobe to be able to run the new apple software.

    So I successfully unlocked and jailbroke my 1.1.4 iphone and all is running well, my question is:

    1- how do i disable edge, prior to jailbreaking if I didnt enter my carriers edge seting evertime I loose WIFI it will say cannt use edge which is fine for me since they charge an arm and a leg for data usage here in Canada. But since I jailbroke to 2.0 it recognized the setting by it self and I was using the net thinking I was on WIFI but then checked my cell data usage I sent 4 MB and recieved 8MB. So please how can I disable Edge ?

    2- I turned off my iphone once and everything 2.0 related disappeared, the new calculator, the new maps the new contacts and the cydia icons.
    I rejail broke and all is back but any explanation to that?

    thanks all
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    iPhone 8GB 1.1.4 unlocked & jailbroken via PWNAGE to 3.0
    2008-07-28 10:25 PM