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    Okay, so I have a 1st. gen. iphone.
    I upgraded to 2.0 on July 11th with the rest of the world and Im now deciding to jailbreak it.
    I download this pwnage or wutever it is, and i start it up- during the set up, it says I dont have the newer version of boot loader.
    no problem, i find it, and i download it- i open it and it has 2 bin. files.
    Well, I try the pwnage thing again, and it says it STILL can't find the newer version. So i got to extract the bins, and they have some weird cpgz file, which slows down Finder on my mac.
    I try pwnage again and still, what am I doing wrong?, this is my first time doing this and I aint messin up my iphone lol .

    hello every one.
    i restarted my mac, and it's working fine now.
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