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    This is for people that activated there iPhone at apple store or AT&T this only work with AT&T and iPhone 3g this enables cydia, openssh this is for mac make sure your firmware is 5A347 if not upgrade to it

    Plug iPhone 3g into mac quit iTunes and iTunesHelper with activity monitor

    Then go to /Users/"Your Name"/Library/iTunes/Device Support/ delete anything in the folder or if it's not there create it.

    Open Pwnage Tool 2.0 search for it on google

    Select iPhone 3G select the firmware if non found click expert mode then double click select firmware if you don't have it search it on google "iPhone 3G 2.0 firmware 5A347" it's more than 200 mb

    Click the next button click general press next uncheck "Activate iPhone" press next then click through the rest of the screens and click build and press next save the file to the desktop wait for it to build ipsw it will ask you if u pwned it before click no then follow to steps to put it in dfu mode it will look like it's off but it's working press finish then quit pwnage tool open iTunes click ok then hold option key and restore and select the ipsw file it made it has a Lego icon thing wait for it to restore it will take a while when it's done it will ask you to update carrier settings click update or you will not get reception it will ask u to setup new iPhone u should click restore from backup make sure you backed it up then it should work
    2008-08-05 12:33 AM