1. bigjon525's Avatar
    I read all the tutorials on how to PWN my 2.0 phone and I used to have my phone Ziphoned. But is it basically the same as Ziphone, in other workds, if I do it I will be able to install cool themes, apps, games, etc without going to the Apple App Store? Please advise.

    If that's the case, where do you get the apps, from the installer it will come with?

    And lastly, what about any I have gotten through the Apple App Store, will those then be gone?
    2008-08-06 01:11 AM
  2. tommy0486's Avatar
    Yes it will be just like Ziphone but with Cydia instead of installer.
    2008-08-06 03:24 AM
  3. Kylecchh's Avatar
    Installer is currently under development for FW 2.0, you can install themes with winterboard, and there are a couple game/apps in Cydia, but don't expect all of the ones you find in 1.1.4 and below, the vast majority still need to be ported over to the new FW.
    2008-08-07 07:59 AM