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    Just to add, I was going to try your method but then i just used the 7.7.0 itunes...i was trying to install 2.0.1 with 7.7.1 when it gave me the error 6...i just uninstalled 7.7.1, restarted, installed 7.7.0, retried the custom firmware and VIOLA!!! Done.
    2008-08-20 10:47 AM
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    I had a White Screen And it said Error 1601 while restore.
    I had the iphone connected to a HUB, I connected it directly to my MAC and the problem was fixed.

    Hope this helps you.
    2008-08-21 11:23 PM
  3. sethulhu's Avatar
    i unselected installer and i stopped getting error 6. upgrade worked fine after that.
    yeah thats what i did, but now i can do the whole hting again and remove cydia as i got used to installer
    2008-08-22 09:07 AM
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    i sitll cant seem to fix the 6 error... i selected youtube + installer + cydia...i am trying to unlock my AT&T iphone that has been already activated.( (i selected activation,and the other 4) i increased the root partition to around 1000mb and it still happens.. when i load the firmware, it goes through but eventually crashes with a error 6. please help!
    2008-08-25 05:10 AM
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    me tooo i dont kno whats wron but im finna downgrade itunes and try that

    tried and didnt ge nowhere so am goin back to 1.1.4 its just to much of an hassle to get this to work
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    2008-09-18 02:08 PM
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    I just had the 1601 error and fortunately I found this thread. Please include this "trick" to a sticky or something!!! Ive spent about 4 hours with searching for a solution Thank you!
    2011-03-25 09:56 AM
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    My solution: Follow the usual winpwn instructions. When you shift-restore the iphone screen goes white and you will hear the windows hardware disconnect sound. Usually you will then just sit there and wait for the error 1601. What I did was to kill itunes (i.e. click iPwner button again) a few seconds after hearing the hardware disconnect sound. The iphone's screen stays white. Restart itunes and it will ask you to restore iphone (again). Shift-click restore and this time the iphone's screen should show the apple symbol and everything WORKS.
    Holy ****, THANK YOU.

    Let me start by saying I have spent the better part of yesterday and today learning how to jailbreak/reformat iPhones since my friend gave me her 3GS "bricked" phone to fix. I had no idea what version it was, just that it was an iPhone 3GS. Never done jailbreaks before, I love my Motorola phones and I flash/unlock them all the time, however. iPhones are much more difficult.

    Well.... First, I tried to restore via iTunes. Error 3914. Fixed with hosts. Then, error 1601. Basically, **** Error 1601. This piece of **** error led me to download 14 IPSW 3GS firmware files (versions 3.0 to 3.1.3, 4.0 to 4.3.3),(200-300mb each) none worked. I downloaded 3 versions of iREB and tried the DFU PWNED boot mode. Didn't work. Downloaded 5 versions of redsnow (not sure what this did, it claims to DFU PWN mode and produce custom IPSWs), 9 versions of snowbreeze (remade ALL the apple IPSWs into custom IPSWs) blackrain (did nothing), purplerain ("jailbreak successful", saw the tear drop), limerain ("jailbreak successful", saw the tear drop), tinyumbrella (failed to recognize my device), 2 versions of spirit (did nothing), Liberty (nothing worked), RecBoot (error), AutoSSH (found my ECID and nothing else), f0recast (didn't recognize), and greenpoison (for appleTV, it did something though).

    I got past Error 1601 using your method: iREB latest version -> DFU PWNED Mode -> iTunes recover, wait for white screen -> kill iTunes and restart/recover again. Success.

    Thanks again. I was literally 2 minutes away from chucking it out my window.
    2011-05-07 09:52 AM
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    Sorry what do you mean "iPwner button" I'm new to iPhone's and I'm having the same problem..
    Please Reply ASAP!
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    2012-04-09 10:10 PM
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