1. chowkra's Avatar
    i have been trying to build my Ipws for 2.01 well it reads everything & add cydia & installer when i was reading noted while it was creating winpwn ... but than it disappears .... Please Help... tell me wat to do ...

    or if any one can get me custome made firmware with installer & unlock with youtube fix ....i would really Appreciate ...

    thanks in Advance
    2008-08-12 03:14 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    If it is crashing when creating the .ipsw file.....try 1 of 2 things, in the partition tab, you can change the file space from 500 to 1000mb, this has fixed some OR

    Dont check off "Installer", as this has been crashing some. Try the first suggestion though first.

    However, for you to be able to "pwn" Itunes, pwnage HAS to create the hacked .ipsw file.
    2008-08-12 04:23 AM
  3. norcal415's Avatar
    Ok i jailbroke my 3G on the first try. i followed the bigboss tutorial, i would post link but cant find it. this is what i did different then the time i tried about a week ago and got the error from itunes.
    when i clicked on IPSW Builder and clicked on the propper firmware. the IPSW builder window poppep up.
    on APPLICATIONS i checked Cydia, and Installer 2.0. on CUSTOM IMAGES you check what you want. on CUSTOM PAYLOAD i left it unchecked and did nothing to that.
    on ADVANCED i unchecked Activate Phone and left everything Unchecked (if you are activated with AT&T then you have to leave everything unchecked)
    now on PARTITION RESIZER i set it to 550MB..
    then i clicked on Build .ipsw--
    after it finished building it i clicked on iPwner and iTunes shut off then you get a message saying pwn successful.. or something like that. then i Set my phone on DFU mode.
    pressed Shift+Restore and clicked on the propper CUSTOM FIRMWARE that i just made.
    and i let iTunes do its thing.
    came back about 20 minutes and BAMN!!!!!!!! 3G pwned.

    Hope this helps. and good luck!!
    2008-08-13 11:38 AM