1. khryptonite's Avatar
    Hello, I jailbroke 2.0.1 using winpwn. It worked fine and installed cydia and installer. But from what i hear, there should have been a pineapple logo during the custom firmware install and after when i boot up the phone, but i just have the normal apple logo. I haven't tested everything fully but i am just wondering if i did something wrong and did anyone else experience this?
    2008-08-12 03:44 AM
  2. mujomojo's Avatar
    i saw no pineapples during my 2.0.1 winpwn'ing experience(this past friday the 8th). as for boot up, you have the option of choosing a custom boot/restore screen. did you do that? if not then the default apple logo/screen remains.

    is cydia/installer there? repo apps installing/working fine? if so, no worries dood.
    2008-08-12 09:48 AM
  3. khryptonite's Avatar
    thanks man
    2008-08-13 03:01 AM