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  1. brentk's Avatar
    Just wanted to say thanks and give my experience so far doing this. I current have 2.0.2 and i did not have to do anything other than upgrade via itunes from a winpwn'd 2.0.1 2g iphone, this however did remove all apps both from the app store and from cydia, i also do not have cydia atm, i plan on doing the second part soon, just wanted to let people know that i am still unlocked after a regular update in itunes. will update when i try the next part of this.

    Followed the quickpwn part using the 2.0.1 firmware and everything went smooth, just don't have installer ( i did not like the beta very much so this won't be a big deal), syncing is going fine.added a photo for anyone interested. I also changed the logo.png in the quickpwn folder with one i downloaded from this site and now have a blank logo when i boot. Got SSH working fine as well. Was able to redownload apps i already owned for free as well. thanks again, hopefully i can figure out the boot logo without having to re-do quickpwn.
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    2008-08-20 06:17 AM
  2. dayloon's Avatar
    Worked perfectly for me the first time. Have 2.0.2 jailbroken and Cydia, Installer and all my App Store apps running fine, so I myself, would not consider this a waste of time.

    Even got my custom boot image as well.
    How did you get installer working ? When i launch installer i get no packages listed, even if i add more sources
    2008-08-20 06:41 AM
  3. salmanaman's Avatar
    ok so if u want 2.02 then u place that in the same folder as quickpwn or do u place the 2.01 ipsw ?
    2008-08-20 07:28 AM
  4. brentk's Avatar
    use the 2.0.1 file
    2008-08-20 08:36 AM
  5. smeeshum's Avatar
    I have successfully accomplished this and have been testing it for a day with no gripes!!

    After upgrading to 2.0.2 on iTunes all my jailbroken apps dissappeared including Cydia. However all my app store apps remained and my hacked ipa apps were still there but would not run.

    I then booted up the wifes PC into vista and used quickpwn GUI with 2.0.1 to PWN my 3g iPhone. Took 2 attempts but it worked, after successfully doing it it will take 5-10 mins to boot first time as it is copying and updating files.

    After a successful iphone boot I now had Cydia and Installer. I ran Cydia and setup openSSH

    Once back on my MAC I SSH'd back into the root to find that my var/stash folder had duplicates of the Applications folder and all the others IE libexec, ringtones, themes etc. All the duplicate folders had a "." Then 5 random characters after them. For example my Apps folder is now Applications.Q0so3Q

    So I went in my original applications folder and copied all and only the OLD JAILBROKEN APPS to the new folder. Do not copy the old CYDIA though or any of the Native Iphone Apps that Cydia relocates for you IE After it had completed I deleted all the old folders that were not created on todays date. IE all the ones that didn't have 5 random characters after the folder name.

    So now I have all my old apps, still all my music, all my settings are still the same and all my jailbroken apps.

    Lastly I had to send my custom SMS tone over as it had been lost and patch my mobile installation file so I could install more hacked ipa's.

    I rebooted my iPhone setup my Theme on Winterboard and now to the human eye you couldn't tell anyhong had ben changed!!
    All my app icons were even still in the same place on the springboard!!

    Why can't pwning always be this easy?

    One happy customer with a successfully jailbroken 2.0.2 3g iphone! And I gotta say it runs so much smoother than 2.0.1

    The only thing I have noticed is that Cydia seems less stable, I have to occasionally reboot my iPhone after installing new packages like I did on 2.0. Hopefully an update will fix this soon like it did on 2.0.

    Hope my guide helps, don't forget to say thanks.
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  6. dayloon's Avatar
    Is installer working for you ? When i tried this yesterday, installer loaded but wouldn't list any packages - even after i added more sources
    2008-08-20 10:11 AM
  7. iPhonehugger's Avatar
    thx smeeshum my 3g is jailbroken yay!!
    2008-08-20 10:36 AM
  8. smeeshum's Avatar
    Is installer working for you ? When i tried this yesterday, installer loaded but wouldn't list any packages - even after i added more sources
    to be honest I havent tried and my iPhones syncing at the mo. I have no real interest in Installer, Always used Cydia as I never had a 2g iPhone and know no different. I hate the beta installer and find Cydia so much more stable and easier to use.
    I'll let you know after my iPhone stops syncing
    2008-08-20 03:15 PM
  9. zerobrand's Avatar
    All is well except for my Installer, I only see 3 apps now, refreshing all 7 differents sources fine but i just don't see anything else than 3 apps to install! yes i installed community sources.
    2008-08-20 04:18 PM
  10. organik's Avatar
    same here, installer has only a few packages, other than that everything is working great!
    2008-08-20 09:43 PM
  11. nldk2x's Avatar
    unsuccessful update here, update 2.0.2 in iTunes, QuickPwn using 2.0.1 fw and followed the steps but in the end, the phone just vibrates twice at the pineapple logo repeatedly ..
    2008-08-20 11:20 PM
  12. breakip's Avatar
    can you help with unlocking the iphone 2.0 fw
    2008-08-20 11:30 PM
  13. mccurdy21's Avatar
    After fumbling around with winpwn and failing I tried this and got it on the first try.

    Got my 16gig 3G last night and its now running 2.0.2 Jailbroken on At&t SIM.

    Thanks for the discovery!!!

    edit: fwiw, I put it in dfu mode before the program asks you too..
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    2008-08-21 12:05 AM
  14. smeeshum's Avatar
    nldk2x: put the phone in dfu before you run quickpwn and try again. It'll work then. Did the same to me, and wait for it to boot after quickpwn closes. Don't unplug till it boots.

    Dayloon:- don't wanna rub salt on your wounds but Installer works fine. And it's the latest beta too. Still not as good as Cydia though
    2008-08-21 12:13 AM
  15. a1r's Avatar
    so i have a 1.1.4 unlocked iphone 2g using ziphone. So i would have to upgrade to 2.0.2 in itunes then use quickpwn to unlock/jailbrake my iphone? will my iphone be activated and unlocked after quickpwn?
    2008-08-21 02:01 AM
  16. nldk2x's Avatar
    smeeshum: I did what you said but when it's loaded, my phone doesn't work (No Network). The provider's suppose to be Fido but it's not there and I cannot make/receive any calls.
    2008-08-21 04:02 AM
  17. bonkcore's Avatar
    Can someone just guide me a detailed / full / easy guide on how to go from
    Pwnd 3G 2.0.1 to Pwnd 3G 2.0.2 WITH MY CYDIA APPS!?!
    2008-08-21 04:55 AM
  18. Houdini7's Avatar
    Can someone just guide me a detailed / full / easy guide on how to go from
    Pwnd 3G 2.0.1 to Pwnd 3G 2.0.2 WITH MY CYDIA APPS!?!
    Can't be done yet.

    You'll lose the CYDIA Apps in the process (you can re-install them though)
    2008-08-21 05:02 AM
  19. eyallevi9's Avatar
    by mistake i also jailbroken my 3g 2.0.2, all went well but... i also installed intelliscrenn (cracked) and my phone got stuck after i reboot had to do a restore!!!
    2008-08-21 07:00 AM
  20. ahfunaki's Avatar
    Worked fine for me...

    iPhone 3g running 2.0.2 and used QuickPwn with firmware 2.0.1 = 2.0.2 Jailbroke
    2008-08-21 04:47 PM
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