1. zoti's Avatar
    I just Jailbroke/activated/unlocked my 2G with 2.0.1 but I'm getting this message.

    The phone was previously on AT&T so I didn't select ACTIVATE and I'm also trying to use my AT&T sim card.

    Any ideas?
    2008-08-19 09:49 AM
  2. josinei's Avatar
    hey tehre, it is too easy. if you are using the ATT sim card, just plug it to Itunes and probably it will work but if you are using a other carrier SIM card, you will need to change the iphone folder "lockdown" follow the steps bellow.

    Hey Guys... Glad to tell after a lot strugle i made the phone to work with different SIM cards.

    Steps followed:

    1. Use QUICKPWN 2.1 procedure to Jailbreak and Unlock.
    QuickPwn (Windows) Guide

    2. Now you need to remove the previous activation, for that you need to follow the below procedures.

    2.1 Install OpenSSH in you iphone using Cydia (search for OpenSSH)
    2.2 Install WinSCP for Windows (WinSCP :: Download)

    3. Use WinSCP to connect to iPhone
    Windows Guide To Using WinSCP With iPhone

    4. Follow the below steps:

    4.1 Download patched lockdownd file from here
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    4.2 Navigate to to /private/var/root/Library/ and copy lockdown folder to your desktop (for backup just in case - this you need to do)

    4.3 Delete that folder from phone

    4.4 Unzip downloaded patched file and upload to phone to replace the folder you just deleted

    4.5 Naviagte into patched folder and make sure file pemissions are set to 644 for all files (follow the procedure in Step 3 above)

    4.6 Reboot phone

    ~~~~ YOU ARE GOOD TO GO ~~~~

    Lemme know if you have any issues.

    Note: Don't disturb other files other than Lockdown.

    P.S. This is from NOT2STOP user from this website

    Hope its helpe you,
    2008-10-18 12:58 AM
  3. yankeeafrique's Avatar
    This sounds like it might solve my problem. I did jailbroke, unlocked my 2g iphone via quickpwn but it still wont recognize my orange sim card.....????
    2008-10-19 11:53 PM