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    Hi, I have a few friends who would like for me to jailbreak/unlock their 2G iPhones. Lets say if they manually manage music and I tell them to transfer photos to iPhoto before giving me their phones is there a way I can back up their contacts and info before using Pwnage 2.02 and doing the jailbreaking/unlocking process? It would be around 4 phones to my laptop.. I wouldn't be syncing to my itunes library I would just want to back up their contacts on the computer so that I can do the custom restore and back up from their contacts data...how would I do that? thanks!
    2008-08-25 08:18 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Just have them back-up their phones from their computers first. Then, after all is said and done allow them to activate/sync all their stuff back to the phone. Easiest bet.
    2008-08-25 08:26 AM
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    thanks for quick reply! so I just have them hit sync on their computers to back up their data. Then I jailbreak/unlock and install the custom firmware on my computer, and set up as a new phone on mine? then how will they sync all of their stuff back to the phone from their computer? sorry man i'm a newb lol
    2008-08-25 08:42 AM
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    After the restore (using pwnage) is done....stop their. You dont have to click "Setup as new phone" or "Restore using backup". Leave that till they plug it into their computer.

    Also, if they are using AT&T - You DONT have to "unlock", in which case you could just use QuickPwn, which allows you to jailbreak WITHOUT restoring - thus there is no need to backup/re-sync cause they wont loose anything. Still let them backup just in case though.
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    2008-08-25 08:46 AM
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    Oh of course! So simple... so then after I use pwnage I don't do anything else, have them connect the iphone to their computer and restore using backup...then all of their data will be synced to the iphone from the backup file on the computer and keep the new (jailbroken/unlocked) firmware? thanks man!
    2008-08-25 08:52 AM
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    Your catching on young patawan.
    2008-08-25 09:02 AM