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    Hello im new to the whole iphone 3G world!
    I know GOD created the search button for a reason and i did use it but i have some things that are still not clear to me!

    Iv been searching how to jailbreak my iphone so i can set up some programs that i really need like an file transfer when i want to back up the whole exe file of lets say americas-army.exe game or some other stuff ect.

    im quite familiar to the process because i have an Playstation Portable and its basicly the same thing to remove flash and write a custom one in!

    So my questions are
    Am i able to jailbreak my 2.0.2 iphone 3g?
    And will my phone get locked if i do that and if i put custom firmware in it?

    Im experianceing problems with the 2.0.2 firmware my iphone applications dont work sometimes so i have to remove them and reinstall!
    have to reboot it because sms keyboard becomes slow ect.

    if i got it right the correct order is this:

    1.PWN the iphone with the PWNAGE tool
    2.Install Cydia
    3.Install applications that i want

    Correct me if im wrong!

    Keep in mind i bought my Iphone LEGALY unlocked from carier! at VODAFONE in Italy!

    Thanks hope its not much trouble to answear my questions!

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    Ciao Sasha,
    At the moment, there is no Pwnage Tool available for the iPhone FW 2.0.2, but that firmware can still be jailbroken by using QuickPwn. The process is as follows:

    -Update your iPhone to 2.0.2. This WILL erase any jailbroken apps you currently have.
    -Download and run the QuickPwn tool for Windows, see: | My little Pwnie - QuickPwn

    You will now be running the latest firmware and have Cydia/Installer and you'll be able to re-download and run jailbroken apps.

    Once you pwn your phone with any method, you can always restore your iPhone in iTunes and it will be back to normal.

    Hope this helps
    2008-08-25 05:31 PM
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    Ok iv done it!

    Quick question
    Can i get pwnd by apple kill switch ?
    i downloaded bossprefs and it has disable apple kill switch! what exactly do i risk here?
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