1. ravemanik's Avatar
    Hi, Im new here, and need some help please
    Just got the Iphone 2g, with software 2.0.2, i have checked that there should be no problem with jailbreaking and unlocking it so i used the quickpwn tool to do that, looked ok but when I insterted the T-Mobile sim card it shows just one bar, and I cant call or use any data services, it seem to be similar to the threads with no signal bar, but in my case none of the solutions ( like reseting the settings or restoring and jailbraking with the activation checked off ) worked. I tried restoring back and then used winpwn to build a custom rom, but nothing worked so far
    Is it possible that the baseband update in version 2.0.2 prevents it from being sim unlocked ?
    Any ideas ?
    Any help would be very appreciated !!! Thanks
    2008-08-27 11:45 AM