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    Hello, I am a new user and have had my iPhone for about 3 weeks and I really want to pwn my iPhone 3G with my PC using windows. I have done extensive research on jail breaking for about 5 to 7 days and simply can't get a few questions answered. I am about 90% confident in pwning my iPhone 3G!!!!!


    •What is the best software to jailbreak with using a PC with Windows XP to pwn my iPhone 3G?
    •How do I completely back up my iPhone 3G incase something were to go wrong?
    •Will I be able to create my own themes on a PC using windows XP? ( just for the record I have seen videos on how to create themes on your spring board but I am not sure if they are using Windows XP or Vista)
    • Can I jailbreak my iPhone 3G without doing the activation process seeing as I already have it activated for AT&T?
    •For a first timer at jailbreaking is it easy to make a mistake?
    •I've seen the pineapple logo at the start up of a pwned iPhone 3G can I change that so it can look like a legit iPhone? (I think I have read something that says you can but I am just making sure)
    • Would you reccomend jailbreaking the iphone 3G with 2.0.2 firmware installed?

    Thank you in advance to who ever replies! Sorry for all the questions I just want to be 110% sure about doing this. I am fully aware of the risks of it bricking. I'm confident it won't mess up my wireless service because I have read many times the hack doesn't alter the phone just the firmware.

    Thanks all!
    2008-08-28 11:15 PM
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    If you want to further customize your phone....jailbreak away!

    1. Your using XP, so you will have to use either "winpwn" or "quickpwn"

    2. If you follow the instructions properly, there is a very small chance you will do something really bad.

    3. Yes, you can keep the boot-up image factory (only by using winpwn though, not quickpwn)

    4. Do worry about having to re-activate. All you have to do is plug into Itunes, it will activate auto without you even filling anything out.

    5. Just backup your phone using Itunes first, that will store your sms msgs, contacts, settings, photos, etc.

    6. Yes, you can use a WinPC (XP) to create themes.

    PS - Quickpwn is the extremely easy way of doing it, however you will have the pineapple logo, but keep in mind if you ever need to take it to Apple for some reason, you will want to restore it to factory anyway (which you can do). With winpwn you have to create a custom .ipsw file (firmware file) and restore your phone using that. The major this is creating the firmware file PROPERLY, which means following the directions.
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    2008-08-28 11:29 PM
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    thank you very much. I'm just worried. Ow I read a post a few minutes ago sayin his iPhone 3g just quit on Him
    2008-08-29 12:18 AM