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  1. tocster's Avatar
    I keep getting "....invalid hash file" after searching for the 2.0.2 file. using WinPwn 2.5beta.

    Please help. I've tried everything I know.

    I'm using XP system is installed
    -uninstalled previous version of WinPwn before installing 2.5beta

    No matter what I do I get geting this error after finding the 2.0.2 file. The error pops up when I select the file to build.

    I foung the problem. I was misstaking trying to use the file for 1st gen iPhones.
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    2008-09-01 05:25 AM
  2. ilthajo's Avatar
    same prooo!!
    it said that the ...ipsw found has an invalid hash!
    and ive been trying 2.0, 2.0.1.....
    2008-11-05 10:29 PM