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    just a quick one, im on a fully modded 1.1.4 2G iphone & im planning to pwn it using winpwn 2.5, will i ever have the same modded LOOK if i upgrade to 2.0.2??

    my 1.1.4 is quite stable up to now with no knwn crashing/crashes of any sort...

    i have created a back up using both iTunes & iPhone PC Suite by NetDragon. just in case i pwn to a higher version & it doesnt retain the look , will it be of any help if i restore from both programs???

    2008-09-02 10:10 AM
  2. bhz1's Avatar
    You can achieve the same or almost the same look but perhaps in a different way. If you use Categories for sub-menus, that is still in teh process of being converted for 2.0.x firmwares. Summerboard is no more but there is Winterboard. Customize is still around as well.

    Yo will have to do all your mods over as none of the old apps from 1.1.4 will work in their old form. Your themes and such CAN be transferred. Winterboard recognizes Summerboard themes as well as its own.
    2008-09-02 05:53 PM

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