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    I'm not sure if this is a documented problem or not, but I just wanted to make people aware about this so they don't need to endure the stress I went through -- albeit was only for 15 minutes.

    Keep in mind though, this doesn't happen all the time. My friends has the exact same iPhone, the same firmware, the same version of iTunes, the same operating system, used the same version of Winpwn and we jailbreaked it at the same time following the exact same process, I suffered a few minor inconveniences and he suffered none.

    After the jailbreak everything appeared to be fine. I once heard that a problem after jailbreaking is that sometimes the iPhone doesn't detect SIM card. That was the first thing I checked and it appeared fine. I was happy. The jailbreak appeared to be a success.

    So then I fired up iTunes and then received an error message: ""iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because an invalid response was received from the device"

    I couldn't believe it. I honestly almost threw up when I thought I had bricked my iPhone.

    After restarting iTunes/PC/iPhone to no avail, I deleted the iTunes Lockdown.

    I'm currently running Vista Ultimate 64x, but I can translate the file structure for XP users.

    Make sure you close iTunes before performing the operations below.


    Navigate to

    CUsers\%username%\AppData\Local - Delete anything Apple/iTunes related

    CUsers\%username%\AppData\LocalLow - Delete anything Apple/iTunes related

    CUsers\%username%\AppData\Roaming - Delete anything Apple/iTunes related


    CDocuments and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\ - Delete anything Apple/iTunes related

    CDocuments and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Delete anything Apple/iTunes related

    By doing the above process you understand that you are undertaking that operation at your own risk and fully aware the risks involved which may include but not limited to loss of data.

    It might be an idea to back up the folders before you delete them.

    The only other problem I suffered with jailbreaking, the thread can be found here.

    So that was my first ever jailbreak experience. I have never used an apple product in my life before, bar an iPod shuffle I had over 3 years ago, I found the jailbreaking experience extremely easy. I booted into DFU first attempt and then Winpwn takes over and does the rest. In case you were wondering, I used this guide to help guide me through the process of jailbreaking.

    Please don't suffer any delusions I'm an expert at this either. I haven't had my iPhone for even a week yet and my phone hasn't even been jailbroken for 24 hours yet. I still consider myself as noobish as they come and the only intent of this post is to help anybody unfortunate enough to find themselves in this situation.
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    2008-09-03 06:00 AM
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    And we welcome everyone's knowledge

    Thank you.
    2008-09-03 06:15 AM
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    you are a life saver, after speneding 3 bloody hours i got what you had but what you said worked! thanks so much =D
    2008-09-03 01:44 PM
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    Worked for me to. It reset all my itunes settings though (not playlists, etc).
    2008-09-03 02:30 PM
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    I had the same problem. I bought an jailbreaking 3g 8gb iphone. When I tested the phone before I bought, I used the seller's t-mobile sim card with turbo sim card. It worked fine. I completely forgot to tested MY at&t sim card. After I went home, I insert my at&t sim card in and it didn't recognize my sim card. So I used the turbo sim card. It worked...for only that one time. Then, I used t-mobile sim card, it worked...for only that one time. After that, I tried my at&t sim card for many occasions and the phone didn't even pop up at&t symbol, which it didn't recognize the sim card. I'm not familiar with all that computer's software. So can you please walk me step by step to help me fix the problem? I have a vista window.
    2008-11-29 11:00 AM
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    this answered my question as well.
    2008-12-08 11:04 PM
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    on windows 7 lockdown folder is in c:/program data
    2010-08-12 10:15 PM
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    I am still stuck. Running XP and I wiped out the aforementioned folders only to have iTunes insist that I reset to factory settings. Really frustrated. I was so hopeful for a while then... :-(
    2011-03-19 10:11 AM
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    This may help someone....
    I'm running XP Pro.
    I used the remove/install iTunes method.
    I had a two fold problem. iTunes wouldn't recognize one of my iPhone 3G, but it would recognize another iPhone 3G.
    Also, my computer (i.e. Redsn0w) would not recognize DFU mode, even though the iPhone was clearly in DFU mode......
    Besides just removing iTunes and QuickTime, I also removed the 3 Apple components called "Apple Application Support", "Apple Mobile Device Support" and "Apple Software Update". These 3 programs DO NOT get deleted when you Remove iTunes. I think these programs got corrupted when I was dinking around with my USB settings.
    I also deleted all traces of "iTunes set-up" from my PC and downloaded a fresh copy from Apple.....
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    2011-04-03 12:48 AM
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    My iphone 3g doesn't recognize in itunes and my computer. It always appears itunes logo and usb connector picture under it. .
    i just restore it using latest version of itunes and error 1015 appeared after that it is now can't recognized. . .anyone could help me?

    please give some advised.
    thanks . . .
    2012-01-03 05:16 PM
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    My iphone 3g doesn't recognize in itunes and my computer. It always appears itunes logo and usb connector picture under it. .
    i just restore it using latest version of itunes and error 1015 appeared after that it is now can't recognized. . .anyone could help me?

    please give some advised.
    thanks . . .
    1. Disconnect the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from the computer.
    2. Take a photo with the iPhone. For iPod touch or iPad, save a screenshot by pressing the Home button and Wake/Sleep buttons and letting go. The screen should flash briefly. (Taking screenshots and saving images on iPod touch requires software version 2.0 or later.)
    3. Open the Device Manager in Windows, as follows:
    Windows XP: Click Start > Run. In the resulting dialog type devmgmt.msc and press Return on the keyboard.
    Windows Vista or Windows 7: Click Start. In the dialog, type devmgmt.msc and press Return on the keyboard. If Windows needs your permission to continue, click "Continue".
    4. Expand the sections labeled as follows. Not all sections may be listed:
    * Imaging Devices
    * Other Devices
    * Portable Devices
    * Universal Serial Bus Controllers
    5. Re-connect your iphone
    6. Look for the entry that recognizes the device as a camera. This entry should be called Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, or Apple iPod for the iPod touch.
    7. Right click the device and select properties, then driver, then update driver.

    Taadaa! Windows should now detect an iphone device and install the correct drivers.

    Hope this helped.


    Thanks To Mappler
    2012-03-13 11:59 AM