1. kaoshenry's Avatar
    So I jailbroke my 2.0.2. The pineapple shows up but it goes away and then appears again. It doesn't stop doing that at all. I try to shut down the phone and then restart it but nothing makes it stop.
    I plug in the usb cord to try to connect to itunes but it doesn't even recognize it being plugged in. It's like the phone crashed.

    Anyone else have this issue or a solution????
    2008-09-11 03:10 AM
  2. DoerrFan's Avatar
    Hold down top and home until you see steve jobs yelling in russian, plug into itunes and restore.
    2008-09-11 03:29 AM
  3. kaoshenry's Avatar
    I already tried to do the hard reset but for some reason it doesn't do a thing. It's as if the screen loads to the pineapple and then a black screen and then the pineapple shows up and then black screen again.
    No matter what I do, it repeats itself.
    2008-09-11 03:36 AM
  4. djfia's Avatar
    I have the same problem!!! please....! someone help me...!

    I have the solution!!!
    First connect your iPhone with your pc.
    Then open iTunes. (It is no problem that iTunes didn't recognize you iPhone)
    Hold down the power and home button (together, at the same time)
    and then release the power, but keep the home button held down
    until something showed in your iPhone.
    Now just restore your iPhone...!

    WARNING! All your applications will be deleted.. but I think if you have this problem you wouldn't care about this...! :P

    I hope that I help you...!

    Oh...! and sorry from my bad Eglish...! (I am from Greece)
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    2008-12-13 11:54 PM