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    Well, here's what happened.

    I used Pwnagetool 2.0.3, so I was a victim of the 'lost password' bug. I never did anything about it because this was just a couple days ago that I updated.

    So tonight I upgraded to 2.1, noticed the bug was still there, I researched it a bit.

    I ended up restoring, seeing if that would do it (and restoring from back up). As soon as I restored the back up the bug came back.

    Well, i decided I was just going to Set up as New after another restore, then I remembered I wanted to save my pictures/SMSs on my mac. So here I am again, on 2.1 with a backup that was jailbroken... and now it's working. o_0 I haven't gotten the error that I would always get about lost passwords.

    Is it okay to run 2.1 with backup files from a jailbroken 2.0.2 CFW?? Thanks guys sorry for my rambling.
    2008-09-13 03:53 AM