1. theguru's Avatar
    anyone else have this problem jailbroke the phone no problems everything works but the installer app doesn't? you click on anything and it immediatly bombs out but cydia works perfectly! is there a fault with the app in general or am i doing something wrong?

    2008-09-15 05:13 PM
  2. redspade04's Avatar
    i am having the same problem. when i open it, it works fine but it dont have anything on it. i cant add sources or anything. when i close it down, it immediately does the spinning wheel of death. from that point i hafta restart my phone but it gits stuck on the boot up. i need to rejailbreak my phone.

    im using an iphone 3g using 2.1

    if someone knows the cure for this, please email me at [email protected] or just comment back. i need to get some things off the installer but im afraid that its not fixed yet. thanks
    2008-11-26 04:29 AM