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    Ok, maybe someone can answer this question. A member to this site named willydavidk has linked several CFW in his sig (link below).


    My questions are:
    1) Has anyone used any of them, if so, how did they work for you?
    2) I have not played around with my phone for a while, but I have a AT&T, 2G, FW 1.1.4, JB using WINPWN. Works great, never had any problems. willydavidk told me that all I have to do is update to 2.1 (which I know I will lose everything, but no big deal), update iTunes to 8.0, then shift restore using one of the CFW from the link above and will then have a JB, 2.1 FW, 2G phone. Is this correct because I was under the impression that I would have to wait for the WINPWN 3.0 to be released. Or is WINPWN 3.0 just for people who want to create their own CFW (with custom bootloader images), any help would be great.

    2008-09-16 04:45 PM