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    im not a Noob to this whole Jailbreaking thing. But ive got a problem that has me completely stumped!

    my 2G (1st gen) iPhone was on 1.1.4 jailbroken. I did an Update/Restore with official firmware 2.0.2 with iTunes 7.7 and then jailbroke with winpwn 2.5 using the quickpwn option.

    (this exact procedure was done on my other iPhone a week ago with no problems)

    well the phone would get calls but not ring (with the side switch on) it also would not allow me to "slide to answer" or when the screen was already on it wouldnt let me "touch to answer". It showed these things but it would not respond when i touch or slide my finger across the screen.

    well i did an official 2.0.2 Complete Restore - which unjailbroke my phone taking it back to stock. Out of curiosity i tried to accept a call and got the same problem when in non-jailbroken mode!

    what the heck do i do? Take into consideration that i cannot set the phone up as a new phone or my wife will kill me! all of her notes will be lost... and we cant have that! sheesh!

    hook me up guys! plz!


    UPDATE: if anyone has this same problem. regardless of the FW you need to restore your phone again and set it as a "NEW PHONE"... this will take everything back to stock

    problem fixed

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    how to set it back as the new phone? where is that option? thanks for the answer
    2008-10-21 12:31 PM