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    Recently, a fake site has popped up trying to trick you all to think that it is sponsored by the folks that wrote quickpwn. The site is QuickPWN |. This site is fake, do not use it. The information on it is just stolen from sites (like this one). Worse yet, the information may be inaccurate since they have no experts over there that even know how to validate the information. Finally, would you trust information from someone that lies about who they are? (Yes, taking when you have nothing to do with quickpwn is an outright lie).

    I have talked with Poorlad, the author of quickpwn and he is very upset over this site. I strongly suggest no one visit it, and no one ever trusts any information there or procedures there. You may be sorry if you damage your device. The dev team agrees with this and has posted their own warning here.

    I know the authors of quickpwn and the latest quickpwn information will be found here or announced at the dev team’s blog.

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