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    New here and have a small problem in need of resolution.

    I have a second hand iPhone 2G that was jailbroken to 1.1.4 with everything working fine.

    However, with the arrival of 2.1 and after messing up and restoring more times than I can remember, I was left with a workable phone except that iTunes refused to sync and a message about not being able to "load dataclass information from Sync Services" would pop up. After cancelling this, the phone would eventually show under Devices as an "untitled playlist".

    Music could be added to the phone but it wasn't visible in iTunes and I had no control over any music on the phone. I could not rename it using F2 as it would just bounce back to "untitled playlist" and the summary screen and all its related tabs were not showing up. The only button visible alongside "untitled playlist" was "eject".

    An eventual forced restore using QuickPwn GUI renamed the device back to iPhone but the same problems are present. It refuses to sync and will not allow full music management. The phone works perfectly -- just not in iTunes -- and it's a little annoying.

    Does anyone have any clues or solutions to fix the sync issue. I've searched the forum but very few here seem to have experienced this. I've also been at this for about 12 hours on I'm at the point where I'd really rather spend just the few minutes that it should take to allow proper synching.

    Thanks in advance for any help offered.
    2008-09-21 12:30 AM
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    Solved it. Thanks.
    2008-09-22 07:52 PM
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    me have the same problem too......
    and still don't have an answer........
    pls tell me........pls
    2009-06-01 05:43 PM