1. barbara1020's Avatar
    It seems that everything went according to the quide but where the guide shows it asking for the bootloader, it didnt do that and went straight to saving the custom ispw file. I kept following the steps and needless to say still locked. What did I do wrong? Can someone please help... much appreciated!
    2008-09-27 06:41 AM
  2. satch2501's Avatar
    PC or Mac? Were you in expert mode or simple mode? Is your phone a first generation or 3G? What firmware are you using?
    2008-09-27 03:39 PM
  3. barbara1020's Avatar
    using a mac (of course) 10.4.11, expert mode and first generation. I do believe the firmware is 2.0.1 at least thats what the iphone says now that its restored but still locked. I want to unlock and use with tmobile sim. I appreciate your help!
    2008-09-27 04:10 PM
  4. satch2501's Avatar
    So I am guessing its a 2G iphone (otherwise you can't unlock it). With mac, visit blog.iphone-dev.org and download the latest pwnage tool. If you are @ 2.0.2, then your baseband is already @ 4.6 so you won't need the files (unless you went from 1.1.4 to 2.0.2 without upgrading your baseband) Send me an email and I will send you the picture tutorial and the text tutorial for pwnage tool.
    2008-09-29 01:20 PM
  5. bhz1's Avatar
    baseband is not the same as bootloader. It is my understanding that on 2g iPhones the bootloader doesn't change with firmware upgrades. Baseband is essentially the " phone" modem. Bootloader is what enables the iPhone to start up. Whether the iPhone in question has bootloader 3.9 or 4.6 has more to to with what it's original out of box firmware was. Phones shipping with 1.1.3 and higher are bootloader 4.6 as are some that shipped with 1.1.2. Off the top of my head, I believe the bootloader switch was made in week 45 of 2007 as can be determined by the iPhone serial number.
    Some older phones were upgraded via bootneuter though.
    2008-09-29 02:21 PM
  6. jtesnani's Avatar
    when my sister jailbroke her phone on a mac, while she's making her custom firmware (the first one ever made on her mac), it also never asked for the bootloaders. i thought it was weird but we went ahead with the restore of the custom firmware as well as unlock and it's been working well so far on 2.1
    2008-09-30 03:09 AM
  7. bhz1's Avatar
    Is there an advanced mode for pwnage as there is in winpwn? I believe in advanced mode it asks.
    2008-09-30 02:09 PM
  8. jtesnani's Avatar
    yup called expert mode and nope. It still didn't ask
    2008-09-30 02:16 PM