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    I have a 16gb 3G with a custom firmware. I was talking on the phone and the battery died. When I got home to charge, it would only go through the pineapple logo then shut down. When I plugged it into iTunes, it goes through the pineapple boot up and shuts down again so I put it into recovery mode. When I tried to do a restore with a stock firmware, it gave me Error 23. When I put it into DFU mode, it seems like it is about to restore but it hangs on "preparing to restore iPhone" for a while then the screen goes dark and iTunes comes back with error 1604. If I try to restore in DFU mode with a custom firmware it gives me error 1600. Whenever I plug it in now, it goes through the pineapple logo then to the Recovery screen but trying to do a restore there gives me error 23.

    Mac OSX 10.5.6
    iTunes 8.0.2
    iPhone firmware is custom 2.2 with 2.1 bootloader

    I've been doing the jailbreaking / unlocking thing since the first gen iPhone so I have some experience. I've had all the errors under the sun and this one I can't seem to fix....

    Somebody.... please... Tell me my iPhone didn't brick me figure out what to do here... I've tried restoring an uncountable amount of times with the same result.... on top of that...I have the custom boot logo so I can't even bring it to Apple now.
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    2009-01-10 06:33 PM
  2. VITURC's Avatar
    I am facing the same problem here, any solution?
    2009-04-07 05:49 PM
  3. dejawoo's Avatar
    Try to use automator script or powered usb hub to pass the dfu issue on mac 10.5.6...
    2009-04-07 11:29 PM
  4. VITURC's Avatar
    I do not use MAC OS, only windows vista 64 bit.
    2009-04-08 12:25 AM
  5. Zwayne's Avatar
    I do not use MAC OS, only windows vista 64 bit.
    ^Make sure you have 3.0 netframework or higher installed!
    2009-04-08 01:15 AM
  6. VITURC's Avatar
    I just did it and nothing yet.
    Not even the light is turning on,
    I put it on the DFU mode and it goes, but when iTunes says "preparing iphone to restore" the error happens after a little time. There is any software that I could force the reset or restart on the iphone or something?
    2009-04-08 03:13 AM
  7. limpaz137's Avatar
    something i have done is i downloaded ziphone and i used it to take my phone out of dfu or restore mode easily. my phone is having the same issue with the error 23 crap but im figuring that no one is going to figure it out... i wish that there was some way to put your phone into a bootloader screen and just flash it to another rom but i guess apple is different and they didnt do anything like that. i know all about windows mobile devices but not jack **** about this iphone i have.

    it would be really good if someone figured it out though. cause id like to jailbreak this phone after restoring it and then update it. but NO!!!! blasted error 23
    2009-04-10 08:23 PM
  8. Mrdarkcastle's Avatar
    My 3g Iphone would not come on unless plugged in to a computer and only gave the apple screen when it was. I was getting the code 23 in both recovery and DFU mode. I tried multiple computers and operating systems and still got the error. If i had thought about it unstead of being stressed I would have figured out the solution much faster.

    Code 23 is an error connecting to Itunes so the best way is to narrow down what coule be causing the problem.

    #1 Itunes corrupt software
    #2 Corrupt USB drivers or a bad usb port.
    #3 A bad Iphone usb cable
    #4 A bad data port on the IPhone the cable was connecting to (This was my problem).

    I also replaced the battery when I broke it down this far and I doubt this was part of the problem but, when I did replace it and the data port everything was fine again.

    I tried many different things and started to catch on when using iTunnel and winscp and it would lose connection.

    I wish you all the best of luck finding the answer to your problem and hope this helps someone else out there.
    2010-06-02 10:17 PM