1. j.eck.art.3d's Avatar
    I JB'd my phone (16GB 3G OS 2.2.1) a few days ago, everything was fine, I attempted to sync my phone last night to iTunes and it said that I didn't have enough room on my phone to sync. The memory allocation bar at the bottom (which is usually multiple colors to designate chunks of space used be songs, videos, apps, photos, etc) was ALL ORANGE (which designates "other"). I went to listen to my music today on my iPhone, and none of the songs were in there (although although they do appear to still be on the phone since the room is still taken up by "other"). Anyone ever experience this? Have any way to fix it? Thanks for the help in advance!
    2009-02-04 12:02 AM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    This is generally a result of disconnecting the phone during the sync process when it's not ready. Your only way to fix this is to restore and start all over.
    2009-02-04 12:28 AM