1. acyk's Avatar
    Dear all

    I got my iPhone 3G model number MB496T , days ago it works with FW2.2.1

    But suddently it shows emergency screen while I am trying to send an SMS .

    No matter how I recover with original firmware or custom firmware , in DFU mode or in Recovery mode.

    It won't fix this problem .

    Did you guys have any experience in this situation ?

    please help me , thanks

    I knew IMEI 0049 was the iPhone2G problem while FW1.1.2 came out

    but this time , it's iPhone 3G
    2009-02-11 08:41 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    The IMEI has nothing to do with it. If you restore to a stock apple FW and the problem persists, I would take it to Apple.
    2009-03-15 02:29 AM