1. ezbaiby's Avatar
    Hey i have an iphone{not 3g} that i installed 3.0 on. I need to unlock it so i downloaded the quickpwn 3.0 beta and everything works fine until i need to put into dfu mode and it crashes/closes down....anybody have similar problems?
    2009-04-05 03:15 AM
  2. agentalexandre's Avatar
    Don't tick the lat box that doesn't have any text next to it when selecting what you want quickpwn to do.
    2009-04-05 05:21 PM
  3. ezbaiby's Avatar
    yeah thats what i was doing...cuz i couldnt tell if that was the unlock button or not....so is there any way to unlock it
    2009-04-06 09:28 AM
  4. djw78421's Avatar
    if you have had it unlocked before, just click the activate button
    2009-04-06 02:01 PM