1. Xtraneous's Avatar
    Hi Everyone,

    I jailbroke my iPhone ~2 months ago using dev-team tools and from the first day I started noticing weird call issues that I hadn't been having before. Lots more calls would get dropped, many calls wouldn't make it through, voicemail wouldn't show up until I manually went into the phone app and waited a few minutes. I'd been living with the weirdness until last weekend when I ordered delivery food and I never got the call that the food at my apartment because I didn't receive the guy's 5 calls and 5 voice messages over a period of 20 minutes! The whole time, the signal indicator showed 5 bars.

    I decided to restore my phone to stock 2.2 apple firmware then jailbroke it again. This time, my battery life has gone to hell! In an area with great signal (5 bars), my phone drained 20% while sitting in my pocket for 1.5hrs with no background apps running...

    What gives? Any suggestions?
    2009-04-10 06:32 PM
  2. ajl917's Avatar
    Restore again? If all you did was jailbreak, not unlock, it is very weird to have calls getting dropped...
    2009-04-12 02:14 AM