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  1. Simeon28's Avatar
    Hey guys !
    I wanted to install iphone os 3.0 but as I had seen it coming it didnīt work, So I downgraded it over pwnage tool on the jailbreak software 2.2.1 , and now I want to bring it down to normal os ! is this possible becuase I cannot backup my phone without getting into a locked os 3.0 mode and just having the possibility of downgrading over the pwnagetool again !!! I need help please !!
    cheers simeon28
    2009-04-29 04:06 PM
  2. mr.sparky's Avatar
    if you upgraded to 3.0 beta 4 with the new 8.2 itunes you need to downgrade itunes to 8.1. if your on beta 3 youll get an error when downgrading but thats normal. just open winpwn and it will tell you to hold power button for 15 seconds
    Steroids are yummy
    2009-04-29 04:45 PM
  3. bebeboricua's Avatar
    if you have a 2G iphone, you can go back.. just put it in DFU mode and restore it to 2.2.1...but if you are on a 3G you can not go back, or you can go back but the phone fuccion will not work..if you made a buck up in 3.0 it will not let you restore it to 2.2.1
    2009-05-06 05:16 PM

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