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    I recently came into an iPhone that was previously jailbroken and without a network contract or sim card. I played with it for 2 or 3 days exploring the apps and ipod features etc, as well as learning the controls. All the buttons on the phone worked perfectly, no issues at all. After buying another att phone and going thru the efforts of getting a wix block on it etc., I swapped that sim card into my iPhone and everything seemed to be fine. Text and calling were all funtional. But I soon found the lock button (or whatever the button on the top next to the sim card is) is no longer very responsive. It will work if I apply pressure to the surrounding area, by pressing in the area of where the battery life is displayed on the screen. Sometimes its very difficult, other times it seems to work totally fine. If the sim card is removed, the issue disappears, even if the sim card tray is re-inserted.

    So I got the bright idea of restoring my iPhone via iTunes, and after getting it back up and running, it didnt seem to make a difference. So I re-jailbroke via QuickPWN 2.2.5. Now the volume buttons and mute switch on the left side of the phone are no longer responsive. Not in ipod, or any other mode. The only way to adjust volume is thru the "settings" on the home page.

    I'm running 2.2.1 firmware on my iPhone 3g 16gb, and Windows XP with iTunes 8.2. I'm not exactly iPhone savy, but I'm not a total dummy either. I'm not sure if restoring the phone again would fix the volume issue or not. It didnt really seem to help the lock button. Removing the sim card will still help the lock button, but it has no effect on the now useless volume/mute buttons. If anyone has ever experienced anything along these lines, or has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.


    Ok, after further investigation, it seems this may not be a quickPWN issue at all, but a hardware issue (which means this is posted in the wrong section, and I'm sorry for that). Turns out all the issues I described (hold/volume/mute buttons not being responsive) can all be resolved by applying pressing directly over the ear hole (right over the sim card). This will allow all buttons on the phone to work as intended.

    So I guess my next question would be what kind of repair this would be? I'm not sure if it would be a screen replacement or something else. I bought this phone from a friend, and I don't believe there is a warranty. I'd like to try to figure out what type of repair it may need so I can begin to find someone who knows what to do.
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