1. grandmastertook's Avatar
    Alright I have an iphone 3g, I have jailbroken this iphone a while back when the 2.2 update came out, well recently it started giving me problem "it wouldn't let me answer incoming calls", so I decided to upgrade to the 2.2.1 and jail break it, so I followed all the steps correctly but now when I open quickpwn and plug in my iphone it wont even recognize the device, also I am running a mac with OS X 10.5.7, I know I should wait for the official 3.0 update but I dont know if this problem I am encountering with happen with the next update, someone please help thank you for your time

    2009-06-15 02:28 PM
  2. tl1000sy's Avatar
    try searching for "fix DFU 10.5.6"
    Let it ultrasn0w let it ultrasn0w let it ultrasn0w
    2009-06-15 10:56 PM
  3. grandmastertook's Avatar
    try searching for "fix DFU 10.5.6"
    i did but it said that the 10.5.7 "the version I am running on my mac" update fixed the dfu bug and made it more jailbreak friendly
    2009-06-15 11:10 PM