1. irajames1176's Avatar
    I'm trying to add the MMi Repo to the PwnageTool in the Manage Sources section and no packages are showing up at all? Does anyone have the proper Source URL for the PwnageTool?
    2009-07-24 09:50 PM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Hmmmm, don't understand. If you have Cydia installed you would have MMI repo. pwnage tool is a program for jailbreaking your phone. I'm confused, ((again))
    2009-07-24 10:04 PM
  3. irajames1176's Avatar
    If you have the Source URL for a repo in the PwnageTool you can download your favorite programs and inject them into your custom IPSW so when or if you have to restore, all your packages will be pre-installed and you won't have to download each program individually inside of Cydia, it just makes it much faster and convenient, I jailbreak multiple iPhones for my family and friends.

    Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

    Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

    Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch
    2009-07-24 10:23 PM
  4. briangriffin's Avatar
    I'd **love** an answer to this one too!

    If it helps, as far as I can tell the ModMyI repo URL is: http://apt.modmyi.com/dists/stable/m...s-arm/Packages However very little happens when I add that to PwnageTool (3.1.4 and Refresh to view available downloads.

    Visiting the above URL in a browser and then visiting Saurik's repo URL (preconfigured in PwnageTool) the results appear the same. It's just PwnageTool which doesn't seem to think so! :-)

    2010-08-26 10:20 AM